Acrylic Drawer & Shelf Organizers

Does it take 5 minutes of rummaging around in kitchen drawers to find your favourite cooking gadget (or heaven forbid, corkscrew)? How about getting ready in the morning… is that an ongoing exercise in frustration? You know your watch is in that dresser drawer somewhere, but you can’t find it. Are you tired of losing your stuff? Come check out our best selling acrylic drawer organizers for every area of your home and office.

Need more space in your closet or on your shelves? Try these handy organizers for pants and sweaters, scarves, jewellery and more:

The greatest thing about acrylic drawer and closet organizers is they can be mixed and matched, sized to suit, stacked and used in multiples! Just because an item is called a “kitchen organizer” doesn’t mean it can’t be used the bathroom, craft area, family room or home office! Be creative. Have fun. Get organized!  See what other helpful storage and organizing ideas you can find at Space Age Shelving Burlington.